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Scott J. Frisch Collection


Scott J. Frisch Collection


The Scott J. Frisch Collection depicts a unique look of the development of space exploration in America including Apollo, Saturn, Titan, Skylab, Space Shuttle, the International Space Program, NOAA and major aerospace companies.

In 1978, Scott J. Frisch graduated Cum Laude with a B. S. in Space Sciences from the Florida Institute of Technology. He worked at the Kennedy Space Center until 1986, followed by positions at Lockheed Martin, McDonnell Douglas, Martin Marietta, Boeing, General Dynamics and General Electric. As a Senior Systems/Software Analyst and Test Engineer, Scott developed numerous software applications.

The Scott J. Frisch Collection contains documents produced during the development of NASA and the aerospace industry during the 1980’s, 1990’s and early 2000’s. Engineering booklets, fact sheets, newsletters, NASA photographs, artwork inspired by the cosmos, physical objects, memorabilia, documents and personal journals depict the historical significance of the early space programs. Publications consist of Space Center visitor guides, educational booklets, corporate reports, and technical information containing advanced engineering and scientific documentation.

Collection Items

Scott J. Frisch in Space Shuttle Columbia
Scott Frisch in Columbia space craft.

Martin Marietta- Aerospace
The expanded use of computers to harness the potential of automation at Martin Marietta Aerospace. Features Skylab Manned Space Station, Titan III launch and Viking Mars lander

McDonnell Douglas- Biological Specimen
Provide required data gathering and transmission while sepcimen is contained

McDonnell Douglas- Tomahawk Cruise Missile
A long -range, low-flying cruise missile designed to perform a variety of ship-and land-attack missions with devastating effectiveness

Chapter 2-The Proposed System
The Assault Beaker system provides near real-time acquisition and strike

Space Vehicles
McDonnel Astronautics Company studies designs a 10 year mission space station

The Space Program and IST Economic Effect on Nation
The economic analysis demonstrates the economic value of the space program

The Unfolding Story of McDonnell Douglas
Space and Missiles, Growth and Diversity, Military Aircraft, Commercial Aircraft

Space Station- MSFC DRL 160 Line Item 4 Executive Summary
Work performed for the NASA Marshall Space Flight Center under the Space Station program Definition Study (Contract NAS8-25140)

Advance laser beam image reproducer for very-high-resolution image recording

The Singer Company
Demands for high-performmance computers which can squeeze into small aircraft and missile systems

Manned orbital Systems Concepts Study
A 9-month effort which examined the requirements for and establish the definition of a cost effective orbital facility concept

McDonnell Douglas- Auxiliary Payload Power System Study
The Auxiliary Payload Power System Study purpose is to develop an optimized design concept to support space processing payloads.

United Technologies
Like the Wrighter Brothers USBI "Took Off" December 17th

Photos of space technology

Today- Martin Marietta
No, concrete 'icebergs' at the National Zoo. Soaring Towers, downhill runs prepare lake placid for winter olympics

Launching Northrop's Return to Cape Canaveral
Northrop offers complete services designed to meet individual client needs

McDonnell Douglas- Technical Idea Exchange
The path to program management, setting career goals and enhancing opportunities. McDonnell Douglas engineering and research fellows

McDonnell Douglas Annual report
Financial Highlights, letter to shareholders , report on programs, financial section. Corporate directory

McDonnell Douglas- The Cargo Processor
To keep MDTSCO people informed about their company: To share news of general interest
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