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About Those Links

About Those Links - Friday September 18.pdf

On September 18, 2015, Florida Tech's Evans Library hosted a special event about the remarkable accomplishments of Edwin A. Link, his wife Marion C. Link, his sister Marilyn Link, and the Link Foundation.

Included are video recordings of honored guest Marilyn Link, FIT Trustee Dr. Andrew Clark, and a PBS video about Edwin Link as well as presentations, photographs, and more.

Participants included: Andrew Clark, Marilyn Link, Diane Newman, Kathy Turner, Sohair Watawy, and Donna Wilt. 

Thanks to Donald Fine for information about Ed Link's cabin in the woods.

Link Foundation:


Edwin Link at Harbor Branch

In 1971, Harbor Branch Foundation opened Engineering and Marine Science Divisions in Fort Pierce, Florida.

Edwin A. Link was inventor of the Johnson-Sea-Link submersibles that propelled Harbor Branch to the forefront of the oceanographic community.  Ed Link and Harbor Branch founder Seward Johnson, Sr. were friends and collaborators.

This timeline highlights important research and engineering developments at Harbor Branch.  

View Harbor Branch Timeline

Edwin Link: The Quiet Genius

Ed Link Blue Box (3).jpg

This is an 18 minute abridged version of an hour-long public television show written, produced, and directed by Brian Frey for WSKG about the contributions and life of inventor Edwin Link.  Thanks to Brian Cousins of Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute for editing the original film.

View Edwin Link: The Quiet Genius

Radiation Ink 1963-1973

Radiation Ink Newsletters 1955-1962

Radiation, Inc. started publishing its company newsletter Radiation Ink in June 1955. These newsletters contain articles and photographs that depict the progress of Radiation, Inc. and its employees, as well as what working for the company was like in the 1950s and the early 1960s. This exhibit shows selections of newsletters with excerpts, and newsletters are additionally listed under each year.

Radiation, Inc. Reports 1956-1969

Homer Denius and George Shaw founded Radiation Inc. in 1950. The engineers of Radiation developed high-tech tracking and telemetry systems for America’s fledgling space program. Radiation products were used on the first weather and communication satellites and defense missile programs.

The company’s success attracted the attention of large national corporations, and on July 12, 1967, Radiation Inc. was officially merged with Harris-Intertype Corporation. The legacy of Radiation Inc. and its founders lays in the success and global reputation of today’s Harris Corporation in communication and technology markets.

This exhibit includes annual reports and detailed brochures outlining the company's scope and history, as well as some biographical information of employees and personnel.  Additionally, these reports outline many of the company's projects and programs which included Courier (the first U.S. space satellite), Doppler Radar, Apollo, Saturn, Titan, Minuteman, the Lunar Excursion Module (LEM), and the Orbiting Astronomical Observatory (OAO), among others.

The Medaris Collection Memorabilia

The Evans Library is privileged to house the General John Bruce Medaris Special Collection, a treasure of materials donated in their entirety by the American general who presided over our nation’s first successful space program more than fifty years ago. 

This exhibit features memorabilia from the life of General John Bruce Medaris during his involvement in the United States Military from the early 1950s through the late 1960s.


The Medaris Collection Speeches

A collection of speeches given by John Bruce Medaris with particular emphasis on his service in the United States Military.