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Homer Denius and George Shaw founded Radiation Inc. in 1950. The engineers of the new company were pioneers of electronics for the space and defense industries. They specialized in advanced radio communications including PCM telemetry, satellite earth stations, spacecraft electronics, electronic surveillance and satellite reconnaissance applications critically important to the nation's security. In 1967, only seventeen years after Radiation, Inc. was founded, the company had grown to 5,000 employees and was acquired by Harris Corporation.

Some of the Radiation, Inc. employees saved memorabilia and documentation about their engineering accomplishments at the dawn of the Information Age.
Their heritage resides in manuals, photographs, correspondence, physical objects and more for researchers to study the history, technology and culture of Radiation, Inc.

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Ralph L. Barkes, Lead Engineer
Mr. Barkes designed microwave systems/parts including components for Doppler navigation radar. Patents: Range Tracking Radar Systems, High Frequency Signal Source, and for Electronically Tuned Oscillators (two).

Larry G. Beyer, Engineer
Mr. Beyer was assigned to the Data II Section of the Surface Systems Division and designed/developed components for the Apollo and Saturn Data Processing Systems, most notably a 3 rack group Timing Unit.

Everett H. Boyd, Engineer
Mr. Boyd concentrated on mathematical applications of engineering development.

W. M. Braselton, Jr., Senior Engineer
Mr. Braselton was first assigned to the Ground Systems Section and subsequently the Aerospace Engineering Section. He developed instrumentation for Thiokol, as well as PCM telemetry equipment for various programs including Minuteman, the Orbiting…

William L. Burns, Senior Engineer
Mr. Burns was supervisor of the test lab building during Titan I & Titan II. He also served as project engineer on the NIMBUS program.

J.D. Corry, Lead Engineer
J.D. Corry worked on telemetry components for the Minuteman program, in addition to other work on various telemetry projects, tv monitors, and power tubes.

William A. Corry, Lead Mechanical Engineer
William Corry was responsible for the packaging research and development for: Minuteman and Titan missiles; the Nimbus, OAO, and TSX-1 satellites; telemetry for Atlas and the T-38 and F4H aircraft.

Marcus L. Cox, Section Head, Control Systems Section
Mr. Cox was involved in the design/development of instrumentation for VHF, UHF, and microwave measurements. As Section Head of the RF Division, he developed Radiation's Antenna Development Facility and Reflectivity Range. He also managed the…

Harry F. Fisher, Senior Engineer
Mr. Fisher dealt primarily with the transmission and processing of data, as well as logic design.

E. B. Glover, Associate Principal Research Engineer
Mr. Glover was a staff member of the Advanced Communications Group and participated in the analysis, design, system development, and management of five major projects.

Thomas W. Hasslinger, Reliability Engineer
Mr. Hasslinger performed reliability engineering support for The Boeing Minuteman Programmer Group, Apollo and Saturn II, as well as the master digital command system for NASA.

Robert P. Henderson, Engineer
Mr. Henderson was assigned to the Manned Orbital Research Laboratory Program.

William H. Hicks, Jr., Senior Engineer
Mr. Hicks was responsible for the design/development of equipment for the Apollo program, Titan I, and the Orbiting Astronomical Observatory (OAO), among other projects.

Michael I. Hymes, Senior Engineer
Mr. Hymes was a Logic Design Engineer who was responsible for the Computer Simulation Program Control Console for the NASA Houston Complex, as well as development of components on the Apollo project.

John D. Jackson, Engineer
John Jackson was engaged in sold state design and development of various equipment.

L. R. Johnson, Lead Engineer
L.R. Johnson was an engineering lecturer for Radiation's training programs and designed 11 components for the Mariner Program, among many other accomplishments.

Martin N. Kann, Senior Engineer
Mr. Kann worked for the Product Engineering Section, Aerospace Systems Division and was involved in the mechanical design and packaging of telemetry equipment for the Apollo program.

Bill K. Langford, Senior Engineer
Mr. Langford as assigned to the Ground Data Systems Section and Production Test Engineering Section, where he designed/developed components for the Nimbus and Minuteman programs.

Raymond J. Leshynski, Engineer
Mr. Leshynski was involved in the design, development, and installation of equipment for the Nike-Zeus project.

David Leigh, Senior Engineer
Mr. Leigh worked for the Physical Electronics Division and was tasked with developmnet of field effect transistors and advanced semiconductor processes.
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