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U.S. Congressman Dave Weldon, M.D. Special Collection


U.S. Congressman Dave Weldon, M.D. Special Collection


Dave Weldon Congressional Papers


This collection holds the material collected and created during Dr. Dave Weldon’s tenure in the United States Congress. Dr. Weldon held his seat from 1995 until 2008. The collection contains information on the space program, AIDS, family planning, 9/11, the Columbia accident, and defense. The collection has Bills that were signed by Weldon as well as much of the research that went into developing these Bills. Within the collection are also many letters to and from Dr. Weldon from other law makers and government officials. Other items represented within this collection are a sampling of Representative Weldon's daily calendar and invitations.

David Weldon was born August 31, 1953 in Amityville, New York. He joined the army and went to medical school on the Army Health Professions Scholarship. Dr. Weldon served six years active duty and eight years Army Reserve. In 1987, Dr. Weldon went into private practice in Melbourne, Florida. In 1994 he successfully ran for Congress.


Weldon, David J.


Florida Institute of Technology


January 1, 1995-December 31, 2008


Florida Institute of Technology John H. Evans Library



Collection Items

Congressman Dave Weldon Welcomes You to Washington
Newsletter thanking constituents for visiting the office as well as giving all the pertinent information on seeing the tourist sites in Washington D.C.

Letter to Dr. William W. Fox from Dave Weldon, March 24, 1995
Letter to Dr. Fox discussing the addition of Johnson's Seagrass to the endangered species list

Letter to Newt Gingrich  from Dave Weldon and others, November 29, 1995
Expresses opposition to any attempt to reduce the size of tax relief.

Letter to President Clinton from David Weldon and others, November 20, 1995
Applauding the agreement for a basic framework to begin the balanced budget debate.

Letter to Bob Livingston from Dave Weldon and others, September 22, 1995
Stating that a Continuing Resolution (CR) has become necessary.

Letter to Dave Weldon from Bob Livingston, September 22, 1995
Thanking Dave Weldon for his support of funding for the Comanche helicopter.

Representative Weldon's Washington name plate
Name plate for Representative Weldon's Washington D.C. office

Letter to Dave Weldon from President Bill Clinton, July 13, 1995
Thanking Dave Weldon for his views on the need to lift the Bosnia arms embargo

Letter to  David Weldon from Robert S. Walker, May 18, 1995
Concerns about the Budget Resolution and its impacts on the National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Letter to  Jerry Lewis from David Weldon- October 3, 1995
Support for the space shuttle budget included in the House-passed VA, HUD, Independent Agencies Appropriation bill

Letter to Ambassador Mickey Kantor from Congress of the United States -November 15, 1995
Concerns about the direction the Adminstration is undergoing due to United States launch policy, signature sheet

Letter to Newt Gingrich from David Weldon, January 23, 1996
Discussions about NASA funding, bipartisan support, Improvement of morale for safe operation of the Space Shuttle

Letter to The Honorable Mickey Kantor from David Weldon- February 23, 1996
Concerns about the damaging effects of the Administration's international commercial launch agreements on domestic launch industry

Letter to Tom Brokaw from David Weldon- March 6, 1996
Fleecing of America segment on the Titan rocket program

Letter to The Honorable Daniel S. Goldin from Dave Weldon, Connie Mack, Mark Foley, Carrie P. Meek- June 11, 1996
Requesting support in securing additional funds for the NASA/Florida Business Incubation center, signatures

Thank you mural from the crew of the space shuttle Endeavor
A photograph, patch and American flag that were flown in the space shuttle Endeavor from December 5-December 17, 2001

Letter to James Walsh from David Weldon, April 15,1999
Representative Weldon is sharing his priorities for the year 2000 space program projects.

Letter to James Walsh from David Weldon, May 1, 2001
Urging the committee for full support of the space program for the year 2002.

Letter to Dana Rohrabacher from Dave Weldon, December 19, 2001
Discussing increasing NASA's budget to help fund reusable launch vehicles
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