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General John Bruce Medaris Special Collection


General John Bruce Medaris Special Collection


John Bruce Medaris


A collection of artifacts including speeches and photographs depicts the life of General Medaris with particular emphasis on his service in the United States Military.

General John Bruce Medaris presided over the United States’ first successful space program. He assembled a history making team of space scientists, headed by Wernher Von Braun. On January 31, 1958, the Jupiter C booster successfully hurled the Explorer I into orbit.

Daily journals, written by General Medaris, span twenty years from 1942-1962. Combined with related biographies, historical scrapbooks, framed photographs, informative booklets, invitations, letters, memos, newspaper clippings, newspaper articles, speeches, World War II army reports, correspondence, rocket models, awards, films, and other memorabilia, the Medaris Collection provides researchers a close observation of a distinguished military leader whose career encompassed the Second World War’s European military campaign to supervising America’s rocket scientists.

In his later years, General Medaris exchanged his service to country into service to God. He became an Episcopal priest known as Father Bruce until his death at the age of 88 in 1990.


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Collection Items

Address to the Pilot Club of Huntsville, Alabama, about the local and national quality of education. Medaris also speaks on the subjects of teachers' salaries, college preparedness of students, and the sciences and mathematics in the school system.…

General John Bruce Medaris and General Toftoy addresses the employees of the Red Stone Arsenal on the issues of the housing request for the red stone arsenal project members (both civilian and military).

General John Bruce Medaris briefs the press on the status of the United States missile defense program.

General John Bruce Medaris speaks to future army officers about the fundamental traits and requirements of officers.

Lieutenant Colonel Shepherd's farewell party "This is your Life." This is a summary of the life and times of Lt. Colonel put on by his closes friends and family. Medaris recalls an experience with Shepherd.

General John Bruce Medaris is interviewed by an Atlanta newspaper about his position on various military problems.

General John Bruce Medaris give a press conference for the local press and students of The Citadel. He discusses the present and future of the US missile program. He also comments on the college's engineering program and how the Citadel prepares…

General John Bruce Medaris speaks to the Lansing Centennial on how new technologies will affect the economy. He goes on to describe many other military accomplishments and changes in this area; he also notes Michigan's importance in military…

General John Bruce Medaris speaks to the Army, Naval, and Air Force Reserve Officers' Training Corps students on the United States missile defense program and its relation to the Space program. He goes on to speak on the specifics of the missile…

General John B. Medaris' full retirement ceremony

General John Bruce Medaris holds a press conference regarding the missile defense systems in the United States. He speaks on the technical issues of the Jupiter system and other various missile systems. He also comments on the relationship between…

General John Bruce Medaris holds a press conference regarding the new space program and the technical and political issues it presents. There is also discussion about weapons systems in regards to the Cold War.

General John Bruce Medaris speaks to key members of the transportation industry on the subject weapons systems and the social and technical problems that accompany them. He also speaks on the importance of transportation in relation to weapons…

General Medaris addresses graduating Texas A&M Students by taking questions about the ABMA and educational standards

General John Bruce Medaris gives a short speech to the Freedom Foundation about the line of actions that man needs to follow in order to advance the human race as a whole. He describes a spiritual refuge that man must maintain in order for him to…

General Medaris talks to his fellow officers at a civilian party before he retires at the Officers Club.

Highlights of the Army participation in Freedom Foundation awards

General John Bruce Medaris addresses the NYSSA(New York Society of Security Analysts) at a luncheon meeting for the Lionel Corporation, he talks about development and progress of the Lionel Corporation.

The intention of this personal tape is a replacement for a Christmas phone call. A woman is reading "The Night Before Christmas" to a small child. The recording is a Christmas message from Medaris's family: his son-in-law, his daughter, his…

General John Bruce Medaris speaks to the Aerojet Club on the subjects in his new book: Countdown to Decision. He begins by speaking about what it takes to have successful project management. He lays out the steps to set up, execute, and complete a…
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