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Aerial view of Harbor Branch

Johnson Sea Link submersible in water at Harbor Branch

Sea Diver

Ed Link and Seward Johnson with CORD

The port at Fort Pierce became the site of the Harbor Branch Foundation and Oceanographic Institute. 





Edwin A. Link partnered with Seward Johnson to design and build the Johnson Sea Link (JSL) submersible. 


The significant accomplishments of the engineers and scientists at Harbor Branch changed the methods used for deep sea diving, decompression, and rescue operations. 




The Sea Diver research vessel transported the JSL to locations around the world to conduct underwater research.  Not only was the JSL submersible able to explore archeological sites, it was successful because of its built-in safety features. 


The CORD (Cabled Observation in the Rescue Device) was invented as an emergency rescue if needed for the JSL.  It was operated by a ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle).


Ed Link's legacy continues at the Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute to this day.



Photo Gallery