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Dr. Dan Batcheldor and the Cosmic Oranges


Dr. Dan Batcheldor and the Cosmic Oranges




The Florida Tech Teaching Council


Jared Campbell


Florida Institute of Technology


March 27, 2018






Dr. Dan Batcheldor is a researching professor of physics and space sciences here at the Florida Institute of Technology. His research interests range from super massive blackholes, gravitational waves, reverberation mapping, next generation imaging devices for finding new planets, and on to the usefulness of Martian regolith in supporting an outpost on the red planet.

On top of all of that Dr. Batcheldor is an excellent instructor who supplies his students with current, fascinating space science that surely motivates. After all, who doesn’t love learning about space? He is so passionate about his subject that he has even written a book for the layperson - Astronomy Saves the World: Securing our Future Through Exploration and Education Mix that love with access to research projects on board the International Space Station, The Hubble Space Telescope, a razor sharp wit, and a firm grasp of pedagogy and you have yourself one of the greatest instructors around.

In his FIT to Teach podcast session he discusses how he influences his students to become the next generation of leaders in space science through careful observation of fundamental physics and solid teaching methodologies. As an added bonus, he also discusses his approach to grading physics assignments in a timely yet effective manner.


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