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Mr. Jason Griggs And The Magic Of Teamwork


Mr. Jason Griggs And The Magic Of Teamwork




The Florida Tech Teaching Council


Jared Campbell


The Florida Institute of Technology




Mr. Jason Griggs is an instructional designer and adjunct professor of communications here at Florida Tech. Mr. Griggs designs online courses and helps countless other professors with learning management systems, pedagogy, and all things within the sphere of teaching.

Jason is passionate about student motivation and takes pride in transforming his students into critical thinkers. He regularly uses gamification in his courses and understands how to get his students to rise above their self-prescribed limitations.

"I like to watch my students turn the courses they 'have to take' into courses they 'want to take'."

In this podcast, Jason discusses the role that teamwork plays in his courses and how he evaluates group work. His goal with any group project is to foster teamwork and interdependence. While his students do receive a group grade, they also receive a grade from Jason as well as from their group members. Each member of the team is given 100 points to divvy up between all of their group members. This allows his students to reward the hard workers in each of the groups, fairly. Here is a link to the document that Jason shares with his students to evaulate each other.


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