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Chelsea Stripling Is A Super Powered Teaching Librarian


Chelsea Stripling Is A Super Powered Teaching Librarian




The Florida Tech Teaching Council


Jared Campbell


The Florida Institute of Technology


September 14, 2018




Chelsea Stripling, a world-class librarian, explains her teaching experience and how she became the phenomenal teacher that she is today. Her expertise in active learning techniques and other pedagogical practices have been transformative in how her students learn information literacy.

Chelsea teaches her students one of the most important methods that one can learn - Information Evaluation. The internet has provided us with an ocean of information that requires evaluation. She teaches the Who-Why-When evaluation method. Who wrote the article? What are the author's credentials? Why was the information published? Is the author biased? When was the information created? Is it historical or current? These are just a few of the many questions that Chelsea uses with her students to help them learn how to evaluate internet sources. She has also provided a document that you can use either in your class, library, or with anyone who wants to learn how to evaluate resources like a professional academic librarian.


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