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1959. This award consists of the bronze head of Hermann Oberth on top of a marble stand. It was presented to Gen. Medaris on behalf of the American Rocket Society.

1959. This award was presented to Gen. Medaris by the people of Huntsville, Alabama.

December 12, 1959. This is The American Legion lifetime membership card made of sterling silver. The card is held in a delicate sueds case.

January 31, 1960. This award consists of a model rocket and an engraved plate.

October 18, 1968. This item consists of a "fake" Apollo 7 postcard embedded in resin. Most likely given to Gen. Medaris by Bendix, Launch Support Division.

May 16, 1990. This is the first MG John B. Medaris Award for Army Achievement in Space, which was accepted for Medaris by his son, retired LTC John B. Medaris, Jr., of Huntington, N.Y. at a ceremony at the National Air and Space Museum.

Mementos-Page 2