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General Medaris Speeches 1960-1967

Circa 1960, location unknown. Topics: true American ideal; horrors of racism and bigotry; national debt

January 25, 1960, location unknown. Topics: Medaris full retirement ceremony

January 25, 1960, location unknown. Topics: Freedom Foundation; advancing the human race; spirituality

January 27, 1960, Huntsville, Alabama. Topics: Civilian party before retirement at the Officer's Club

February 22, 1960, Thomas Hall, Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. Topics: Army participation in the Freedom Foundation Awards

December 9, 1960, New York, New York. Topics: New York Society of Security Analysts (NYSSA); development and progress of Lionel Corporation

December 11, 1960, Mainz, Germany. Topics: Christmas message from Medaris family; family matters; holiday greetings

September 11, 1962, Dinner Horn Restaurant, Covina, California. Topics: Aerojet Club; Medaris' new book: Countdown to Decision; project management 

December 14, 1965, Dallas, Texas. Topics: Political, social, and economical implications of the Space Age

December 15, 1965, Dallas, Texas. Topics: Personal religious views on the advancements in technology and the increase of information available; the past, present and future of the Space Age

November 28, 1967, Melrose Hotel. Topics: Future of U.S. space program

General Medaris Speeches 1960-1967